Earrings - by DangDangles

Earrings - by DangDangles

  • $26.00

DangDangles Jewelry focuses on using high quality minerals and stones to create an eclectic organic style that everyone can wear. Our process of searching through and hand picking stones that have the most brilliant colors and matching them is what we do.

Your favorite go to jewelry can be a statement piece that people notice and that you love to wear everyday. You can choose from Agate, Garnet, Amethyst, Crystals and Pearls. Each piece one of a kind, colorful and eclectic to match your favorite outfit.

A pair of earrings at a department store that describes silver without saying sterling silver can really mean silver plated or just silver colored. These finishes will wear off and other metals will begin to show through causing  earrings to lose their luster.  People with metal allergies will find that these earrings will irritate their ears. To ensure that you don't have to worry about metal irritation, we use solid Argentium .935 which hinders allergic irritation. In addition Argentium Silver is tarnish resistant and will keep it's luster longer.  We also offer 14 karat gold filled not gold plated metal as another option for you to choose from. 

The thicker materials that we use are a sturdier standard for earrings so they keep their shape and will last forever.  All silver earwires are hammered after forming for extra rigidity and strength. Minerals and stones have natural variation, but if you prefer a darker or lighter of a particular stone, we will do our best to oblige.

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