Face Pot - Gary Goggles by D. Edward Murray

  • $26.00

D. Edward Murray began his professional art career in 2004 with a series of gallery shows, alongside commissions for large scale contemporary artworks by interior designers. In 2016, he changed gears to focus on bringing affordable, intimate artwork to his beloved city of Austin.

In his current work, the subtle shadows, negative spaces and interactive nature of sculpture, architecture, interior design, the human form, and succulents themselves are both inspiration and obsession.  

Each face pot is cast in high grade, reinforced and lightly sealed artisan concrete, and has a satisfying weight and feel reminiscent of sandstone sculpture. The pots are created in small batches, with every meticulous step performed by the artist himself.  

The pot measures 3" x 3" x 3". Succulent not included.

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