Necklace - by Copper Maiden Austin

Necklace - by Copper Maiden Austin

  • $35.00

Artist Bio

Kathleen Brotherton has been creating copper enamel jewelry since late 2016. Copper enamel, which has existed since the 13th century BC, is a process in which ground glass is applied to the copper and the two are fused together using a torch or kiln. Kathleen really enjoys the process and the fact that each piece is created with specific design intentions, but is unique and never the same as another piece. It is influenced by the way the sprinkled glass lands, the layout of the millefiori flowers, or the way the torch flame or length of firing time impacts darkness on the edges.

In Kathleen's work, which is usually done with a torch for finer control, you can often find images that reflect the state of Texas in the form of the TX shape, the flag, and millefiori wildflowers on her hand-stitched bolo ties, necklaces, earrings, Christmas ornaments, and keychains.

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