Artist Feature: Interview with Eya Claire

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Your work has a very whimsical and fantastic edge; how would you describe your style? What led you to take this approach?

I would describe my style as playfully introspective storybook art for the inner child. The themes are fantastical, but there is a deeper tone behind the subject matter.

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind of spaces do you prefer working in?

I love to listen to music while I work - and I will binge listen my favorite songs! But mostly I listen to astrology lectures. It’s a vast and complicated subject that keeps my mind entertained and distracted while I zone into the art. You want to distract your mind a little when making art, otherwise it’s too easy to overthink what you’re doing and stop the flow.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I’m still trying to figure that out! I feel the most motivated when I’m on top of mundane chores and daily life-tasks. When I have the space, time, and energy to relax into what I’m doing.

I guess the answer is I don’t stay motivated or inspired. It’s a slow roll up a high hill. But I don’t worry about it. Once the inspiration strikes, I have to go with it. It can be hard to do anything else!

How do you approach creating new work?

My favorite way to create new work is by accident. When I sit down to sketch with no agenda - when i let myself play. But sometimes I’m working with deadlines and I have to gear myself up to be creative. Set the stage - clean my work zone, get the right music, the right beverage, the right amount of time without interruption. It’s a slow build, but once I get into the flow of making art, it’s really hard to make me stop.

Do you have any thoughts or advice for aspiring artists?

Do what you love. If you love drawing motorcycles, then draw motorcycles. Don’t let someone who draws farm animals dictate your terms. Even if he is your art teacher. Oh, yeah - and fuck art school. Just find a teacher who draws motorcycles.

What's ahead for you in 2020?

I’m working on an oracle card deck with the former president of the American Tarot Society, Arwen Lynch-Poe. ( Arwen has written six decks including The Field Guide to Garden Dragon and will be writing the book that goes with the Oracle Card Deck. Follow our IG for updates!

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* Photo Credits: The Music Room TX

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