Making Memories with the Austin Locks Installation

Posted by Alan Barnette on

We're excited to present our new Austin Locks project, which we developed in collaboration with local artists Lazer Beam.

We created the Austin Locks art installation to provide visitors with a fun way to celebrate special trips, important events, and relationship milestones. The project's original inspiration comes from the Pont des Arts bridge over the river Seine in Paris, where in recent years lovers would carve their initials into locks, hang them from the bridge, and throw away the keys. This romantic gesture was said to represent the couple's commitment.

In the Austin Locks installation, visitors can customize the locks with sharpies before adding them to the ever growing and organically evolving lock sculpture. For big events, Lazer Beam also offers custom lock decoration and engraving.

Our new installation is located on the south wall of Birds Barbershop, facing Charlie Copp's "Love from Austin" mural, which graces the north side of Prima Dora. As a bonus, the installation includes a photo dock to help visitors capture the perfect "Love from Austin" shot.

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